Maite Ortiz is an argentinian illustrator based in Hamburg.

Portrait of Victoria Cascón the author and designer behind the handmade shoes brand DIQUE.
Folk Lab
This a collection and reserch of pattern diseing illustration. The work is part of collective Project an will be part of a Documentary Film.
These is a pattern Desing available to purchase on the platfform Spoonflower.
St Pauli
These is a big Illustration that is currently hanging on the St. Pauli Stadium taking part of an exhibithion calls "100 Blicks von St. Pauli" organiced by Viva con Agua for the Millentor Gallery.
The original is a collage an Watercolor on Papar 50x70cm and is still available on he Millentor Galery. A small serie of 5 digital printed on poster paper is available on my shop online.
Destroy the patriarchy
Graphic Design, Illustration, Copywriting
Teather für Kinder
These illustrations celebrate the magic of playing teather for Children. And are part of the graphic of my own teather play project.
More info at:
Moin moin Hamburg
Illustration, Architecture, Poster Design
These is an illustration made for a label of an argentinian wine called Omaggio.
These is an illustration that repets on the sides and up and down. The pattern design celebrate the values of a community.
El pino
Illustration of a classic story by Hans Andersen's as part of a collection covers illustrated by argentinien illustrators for the Foundation "Leer". An organization that promotes children's reading throughout the country.
Tigre rojo
This is an illustration i did for the project "El espejo invisible de Medea" The drawing illustratet about mz own experience about my earlz yeras as a mother.
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Del bosque
These are illustrations for the argentinian Brand "Del bosque" Logo design, prints and postcards to express the values of the Brand. Nature, simplicity, organic forms and conscious fashion.
Maidi Muell im Waldidyll
El invisible
These is an illustration based on a poem from Benito Taibo. The poem is written in spanisch and the illustration was published bz the french publising house Berlin for her spanisch languange lerning school books. Published on 2019.
Mapa ilustrado: Donde correr en Buenos Aires.
Ilustración de un mapa con referencias de distintos recorridos para salir a trotar en la ciudad de Buenos Aires. Publicado en la revista Ohlala! en la edición impresa del mes de septiembre de 2015
Editorial Design, Illustration
Illustrations & pattern design
Branding, Illustration, Pattern Design
Nieta de la luna
These are illustrations that i made for the project "Nieta de la luna" The work intendt to reflect the content she shared in her social media channels and in her website. I developed also a logo and a portrait of her.
More info about the project at
Where the Wonder live
Ilustración de tapa para la revista SOPHIA
Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Illustration
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